Photograph by Rupert Truman

We specialise in business development underpinned by PR and marketing.

We’ve developed businesses from scratch and also helped established businesses to grow. We worked on the launch of Beck’s Bier. We took Dulux Community Projects into needy causes. We were embedded with the UK arm of Swedish pulp company, Sodra Cell, and helped increase profits ten-fold in five years. In the creative industries, we developed the internationally renowned creative team of Storm Creative Studios and Stormsight. We helped reboot London’s King’s Head Theatre, expand business for Interactive Theatre International, and develop The Electric Mouse Comedy Club.

what we’ve achieved

  • Stormsight. Fine art prints. Promotion.

  • Dulux Community Projects. Getting paint to needy causes.

  • King’s Head Theatre. Promotion and business development.

  • Newcastle Brown Ale. Consumer and trade PR.

  • Utobeer. Branding.

  • Storm Creative Studios. Business development.

  • Sodra Cell. PR, marketing and business development.

  • Electric Mouse Comedy Club. Promotion and business development.