Photograph provided by Cirk La Putyka

We promote and stage a wide variety of events.

We work with a roster of international performers, musicians, circuses, film makers and theatres worldwide… We developed our own 3000 capacity music festival, The Wye Fayre. We ran the Spitting Image Rubberworks exhibition in Covent Garden, London and also developed with them state-of-the-art robotics. We regularly film the London Fashion Week for documentaries, social media content and international promotion. We organise promotional launches for clients including Thames & Hudson, Marvel, DC, IPC Magazines and Forbidden Planet.

what we’ve achieved

A selection of events promoted and organised by flying monkey.

  • Wye Fayre. Our own alternative music festival. Start to finish.

  • London Fashion Week. Documentary filming and photography.

  • Art Blakey. Corporate sponsorship for gigs at the Edinburgh Jazz Festival.

  • Cirk La Putyka. Contemporary Czech circus. Promotion for two sold-out shows at Edinburgh Fringe Festival.

  • Major international arts festivals. Promotion and marketing for many and varied international artists in music, comedy, film, theatre and circus.

  • Interactive Theatre International. International PR and promotion for touring theatre shows.

  • Spitting Image Rubberworks exhibition.

  • Promotional events for publishers, artists, writers and arts organisations.